NEW Studio Health and Cleaning Policy Announcement!

    I work effectively from home studio and have all safety measures in place.

    I follow COVID-secure guidelines to protect customers, visitors and workers.

    I also understand that I need to be prepared to take a few extra steps for the safety of not only myself but my clients, and have been preparing my studio and implementing new arrangements for couple months already so I will ramian open. As paid childcare such as nannies and childminders are still doing their job my home photography studio is safe space for you as well.

    Prior to current times, I had lots of practices in place to keep my studio setting clean and safe for all babies. These are the extra and previous practices and measures that I am taking:


    As it is very common practice abroad to use this lamp by many baby photographers, I was planning to buy one for a long time until now when it is a perfect time to introduce this to my studio. UV Lamp is laboratory tested of killing most bacteria & viruses.

    It's lights sterilize the air and surfaces of accessories and furniture in the room and it is more effective than liquid disinfectant! Please rest assured, at present all hospitals use ultraviolet lamp disinfection as they are extremely effective.

    I turn on such a lamp in the studio after each session for 15 min. and before the next meeting with clients.

    To ensure optimum time for cleaning I will limit the number of customers that I can have per week and leaving 48 hours between each photography session. 


    Well I use hand sanitizers before and during sessions for over 5 years now but I might ask that clients bring their own sanitizer, or they can wash hands at the studio prior to the session.

    3. MASKS

    Parents - will be advised to wear masks. I will be wearing one as well.

    You will be able to remove these during the session when I am taking photos.


    I would ask that if clients are experiencing any symptoms of being unwell, that they postpone their session for another time.

    Nobody showing signs of sickness will be allowed to attend the session. I will have the right to refuse the session if I see that client showed up with any cold or flu symptoms, new deposit will have to be paid to rearrange the date. 


    Only close family members will be allowed into the studio. Siblings with Dad will only come at the beginning of the session - for around 40 minutes.


    Please only bring the absolute essentials for yourself and your family. Ideally just a bag with essentials for your newborn! Only I will be allowed to touch the props. 


    As previusly the entire studio will be cleaned, this will include fabrics, props, floors, and equipment.

    Everything that baby touches will be washed using non-bio liquid following each session.

    Regular hand washing and sanitizing will remain mandatory. Customers will have to remove their shoes before entering studio.


    I will arrange collection meeting at suitable time. Only online payments are available. Products will be sent via post.

    I understand that new parents are particularly worry to go out. But I assure you that I am taking this situation very seriously.  I am a mom myself. I understand the importance of working with children in a safe and clean environment, while meeting the baby’s safety and need for comfort. 

    Getting your family portrait photos should be an amazing and stress-free experience. I will be doing my best to work around it and provide you with those precious family photos in a safe and comfortable environment.

    These photos will be with you for years to come and should bring you happy memories.

    Let's create beautiful unique photos together in my comfortable Nort London home studio. Schedule Your Free Phone call Consultation Today


    If you'd like more information about my offers please subscribe to my email list so I can send you code for £50 off towards Platinum newborn Package or Wall Art.

    Sessions will undoubtedly be limited when the studio is open again, by contacting me now you will be the first to secure your spot.

    If your session has been postponed due to Covid 19, you will be given priority when dates open up again in June - I will get in touch with you first!

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