Workshop day in Lublin.

    Ongoing training is a must for all newborn photographers. Newborn photography is very specialised and very different to any other from of portrait photography. Babies are quite flexible, however very fragile, it is huge responsibility which goes along with our profession.

    My best friend Majka was expecting baby so that was an amazing opportunity to arrange a workshop in my home town Lublin in Poland.

    Maja delivered her cute baby Max just on time *) and I found as well beautifull baby girl so I could teach all possible set ups for a boy and a girl.

    My workshop schedule is usally the same...

    Meeting at 10:00am time for coffee together and go over props set up while we wait for the the studio to warm up and one of two models to arrive.

    With my first workshop model Max, we focused on bean bag posing, after every pose each workshop attendee had a chance to take their own shot. Small group sizes ensure that everyone enjoys an intimate learning experience that is guaranteed to leave you more capable and more creative as a newborn photographer.

    While I was posing baby, I encourage everyone to ask questions and focus a bit what I was doing and then move around to try different angels!

    Our first model was such an amazing sleeper that we got through five different bean bag poses, prop shot as well as a parent posing! I teach my posing flow which will help photographers get the most images for the clients gallery and as well how to achieve different photos by trying just different angels without moving baby!

    I was a bit worry that our second little one could be unsettle as she spent couple days in hospital having some injections.

    That was a good oportunity to teach how to work with a baby who wasn't in to sleeping mood! My goal was to go over wrapping techniques, which was perfect for her!

    After whole day of newborn posing, I teach my editing flow. My favorite parts is to show photographers how easy is to retouch photos! When you have good light and by achieving perfect RAW file you don't need to do much in photoshop just enhance your photos a bit!

    Moody bean fotografie was our host, and her studio in Lublin was a newborn photographer's paradise with all beautiful props and wooden flors from Rekoczyny Katarzyny. At the end everyone had an opportunity to buy some discounted props and received a goody bags with even more discounts from best prop makers on the market! I have some plans to head back and do another workshop next year as it was a lots of fun. We finished up the day celebrating at old town with Polish pierogi *)

    Teaching others what took me four years to work becomes one of my favourite things - nothing is more satisfying than watching other photographers grow after my workshops and mentoring sessions. If you want to save 4 years figuring out how to do it, you can go to my website to learn more about my mentoring sessions.

    After workshop or mentorning you will be invited to private Facebook group where photographers genuinely help each other out and support one another. This is where past and possibly future workshop participants can mingle, exchange their experiences and just have fun interacting!

    If you do not want to miss my videos with photoshop tips, posing, wraping tutorials and prop preparation.

    Please subscribe on my Youtube and follow my Instagram TV (just starting) so please let me know what you think?xx

    Some feedback:

    "I had the pleasure to participate in Anna's newborn workshops and I would like to recommend to photographers who just starting within newborn photography field but as well for more advanced ones. Mega dose of knowledge passed in a nice and friendly atmosphere. After our meeting, I see a big progress in my photos for which I'm grateful."

    Natalia Cygan 2018

    I found myself at Ania's workshop by accident, having no clue about her portfolio. It was a great event, rich with both theory and practice. It is thanks to Ania that my photographic journey gained momentum. I really recommend Ania's workshop to everyone!!!

    Monika Gawrysiak 2018

    As I am on the beginning of my adventure with a Newborn Photography I already know how challenging it can be for unprepared. On the workshops with Anna I have learned how to create simple and safe poses as well as she presented us more advanced posing techniques and transition so the baby feels happy, calm and their sleep is not disturbed. We learned also how to capture first images with parents and catch precious moment which can be cherished for life. It was my first time with studio light and Anna made it clear how to use it. She also showed us how to edit images and she is still in touch with us so we can always count on her advice. Great workshops with a great Photographer , thank you!

    Ewelina Majcher 2018

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