Tips for photographing your own baby.

    My very first blog post was about shooting from the right perspective! As I have promised weekly tips how to photograph your own babies!There you are:

    Second TIP <Lighting is everything!>

    One of the things that can make or break a photo is your lighting!

    Look for indirect natural light—the shade of tree, or diffused window.

    The harsh sun tends to casts shadows and is also unhealthy for the baby’s skin. Apparently photographers love north-facing windows because they let in indirect sunshine that’s not so harsh or glaring. Confession time: For over 2 years all photos I took in front of my South facing living room window using natural light.)

    You can overcome problems with harsh light just simply diffuse it by hanging large pieces of satin over a window or

    swap to studio light as I did just month ago *) and sun is now imitated by my 2m B&W Umbrella*)

    When light shines beside your child, you will notice interesting soft shadows adding dimensionality to your composition. Bigger the light source the softer light, closer to baby will gives you nice shadows as well.

    Front light - facing your child straight on creates a very soft, shadow-less portrait. Which is not my cup of tea to be honest!

    Backlight - behind your child, enhances colours and creates a bright backdrop which I usually use while photographing parents holding babies. Most of the time I convert that to B&W photos at it gives a nice contrast.

    To achieve beautiful soft shadows and nice highlights position baby such that the light flows from the top of baby’s head on down their body at approximately a 45 degree angle. To make sure that you have this right, look for a soft shadow underneath baby’s nose.

    Feel free to experiment – for more dramatic lighting and shadowing as in the photo of dady’s hands holding newborn, play with different angles and perspectives as I have mention that in my first tip!

    For the best baby shots, photograph during the Magic Hour, which is usually the first hour after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset. The light is softer and warmer, shadows are longer, and everyone looks beautiful — especially my baby boy *) just look at him!

    and remember sun is above us so do not lit your baby from below unless you want unnatural looking baby! When you begin experimenting with light, you will appreciate how much it flatters people and they will appreciate this too!

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