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    Ongoing training is a must for all newborn photographers. Newborn photography is very specialised and very different to any other from of portrait photography. Babies are quite flexible , however very fragile, it is huge responsibility which goes along with our profession. We can teach you what is needed to help you succeed! We offer quality workshops wich are very relaxed with small group sizes to ensure that everyone enjoys an intimate learning experience that is guaranteed to leave you more capable and more creative as a newborn photographer.

    Whether you are in your first year of business or looking to enhance your existing skills this workshop will cover everything you need to know about newborn photography.

    Anna will teach you everything from session workflow which will allow you to provide 20 or more photos even when baby is not sleepy, newborn posing on the beanbag, props and with parents.

    She will teach you how to use studio lighting and where to place it to achieve perfect shadows,

    She will show you the best angles to shoot so you will have a perfect RAW photos in camera,

    How and why she styling her set ups , setting up studio so you can speed up your sessions,

    Retouching will be covered in Photoshop.

    She will give you an advice on pricing, and other factors that come into play in establishing a successful newborn photography business.


    After the workshop you will receive e-book about workflow (with posing tips) so you can have that guide on hand during your session.

    Retouching video will be sent to you as well.

    You will get as well list of her favourite prop shops with discount codes.


    Small group so limited space available.

    Non refundable retainer: 150 Euro pay by PayPal to annamorawskaphotography@gmail.com

    the balance 300 Euro due 3 weeks before workshop date.


    9.30 - 10.30 Preparation for the session -prop  preparation, setting of the light and the camera, planning workflow.

    10.30 - 15.00 Practical classes. Two newborns. Bag bean positions, in baskets and with parents.

    15.00 - 15.30 Break (lunch)

    15.30 - 16.30  Post Processing and Q&A

    16.30 - 17.30. Sale technique & pricing.


    Equipment requirements:

    DSLR camera ( operate in full manual mode)

    50mm best lens and / or 35mm lens,

    memory card,

    Yongnuo RF-603C radio trigger,

    optional laptop.


    **please note there is a minimum requirement of 5 attendees to sign up for the workshop to go ahead** Should the requirement not be met one month before the workshop, it will be cancelled.


    **Attendees are prohibited from teaching/mentoring (including online workshops) within 18 months of the workshop date**


    "I found myself at Ania's workshop by accident, having no clue about her portfolio. It was a great event, rich with both theory and practice. It is thanks to Ania that my photographic journey gained momentum. I really recommend Ania's workshop to everyone!!! XoXo:*"

    Monika Gawrysiak


    " As I am on the beginning of my adventure with a Newborn Photography I already know how challenging it can be for unprepared. On the workshops with Anna I learned how to create simple and safe poses as well as she presented us more advanced posing techniques and transition so the baby feels happy, calm and their sleep is not disturbed. We learned also how to capture first images with parents and catch precious moment which can be cherished for life. It was my first time with studio light and Anna made it clear how to use it. She also showed us how to edit images and she is still in touch with us so we can always count on her advice. Great workshops with a great photographer, thank you!"

    Eve Maia


    "I had the pleasure to participate in Anna’s newborn workshop and I would like to recommend to all photographers the ones who are just starting but also to this more advance one. Big amount of knowledge pass within nice and friendly atmosphere.

    I can see a big progress after workshop for what I am very grateful :) "