Tips for photographing your own baby.

    I am helping one of my friend to achieve better photos as he just starting so I thought why not to share this with all of you guys as well!

    While it is always worth to hire a professional to photograph your baby’s first days which go by so quickly, it is as well important to capture changes as your baby growing over his first few weeks/months of life! Some of us are excited at the prospect of capturing that ourselves!

    So I will be sharing with you weekly TIPS how to photograph your own babies!

    > FIRST TIP >Shooting from the right perspective!

    To produce better photos shoot at your subject's eye-level.

    To avoid double chins and up-nostril views (which are not flattering at all event when your baby is the cutest in the world!) DO NOT shoot from below your subjects eye level!

    With children this may mean kneeling down or even lying on the floor.

    Conversely, to show how small your baby is, then shoot from slightly above with them looking up to emphasise their eyes.

    Try all of your different angles and perspectives before moving on to a new setup or pose. I didn’t move baby between these two shots, but see how different they are!

    Try walking behind your baby and shoot some pictures from the shadowed side like this first image

    and the second one from the front

    and do not forget a nice close-up of her sweet little face and hands.

    I hope my first tip will help someone a little bit! and thank you to anyone who comments below!


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