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 I have two passions in my live, photography and travel. I have been photographing babies and newborns for the last four years. Photography is my full time profession and I love creating wonderful images! It’s so special to record the memories of our children’s lives, those important steps; their early smiles, giggles their attempts at walking, then running around.  My hope is to help every mother and father treasure those moments forever.


While my passion and dedication to photography consumes much of my time, I am also a wife as well as a mother to a beautiful baby boy of my own.

The birth of my son helped me truly see how beautiful a new life is, and how precious the fleeting moments of childhood are.

Photographing him was nothing short of amazing, and I "caught the bug".  The bug of being a Newborn Photographer.

There is nothing more amazing then photographing a brand new baby.  All those sweet small details that just came into your life and absolutely captured your heart. From their tiny toes, to their perfect little nose.  Those first few weeks with a newborn just fly by and there is no second chance at capturing those sweet early moments!  My goal is to capture those details as a keepsake for the rest of your life.


I have spent so much time just learning about newborns and those special 2 first weeks of life! Because of this, I have been able to create a loving, quiet, peaceful, and warm environment that newborns thrive in!  I am extremely comfortable working with and handling newborns. 


I was trained in digital photography at the City and Islington College as well as Kensington College in London.  

During my day-to-day life, I continue to develop my photography skills by taking part in many newborn workshops and looking for innovative ways of moving my business forward.


I look forward to capturing your baby for you. I want to make you smile when you look back at the photos.

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am, and I look forward to learning your story too.

Feel free to contact me for a friendly chat.

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